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Dachverband Tanz Deutschland granted dis-tanz SOLO 6 months working grant for Antikainen's research work titled "DEMO" 

"Unfinished- ness is something I am claiming to praise in this process and as well as in the sharing of the research because that is something that goes together with (mental) sustainability and longevity. The title DEMO is withholding this idea of something to be shared yet unfinished."



Within the next six months Antikainen intends to edit her previous work in relation to the freelance structure and educate herself further in somatic practice Feldenkrais and in the Open Art University of Helsinki. In conclusion to this Antikainen will develop further her movement practice alone and together with others. In May-June she will hold open events to share her work.


SOZO - vision in Motion 

- February 

- April-May 

Profitraining Kassel
somatic release & urban dance with Iria Arenas 24.1.-26.1.2023




teaching at 4fuertanz, Leipzig photo: Walter Le Kon

sneak peeks

Could you stay for tea? Trailer
premiered in November 2021

GARDEN #2 Trailer
Premiere August 2022 

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