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Could you stay for tea? 



lost within,

within all this

               and just

                 softly like this

concept and performance:
Aura Antikainen

music and performance:
Luca Alessandro Hettling

Rosalie Kubny

light design:
Iria Arenas

documentation and photography:
Hannah Elsner

Could you stay for tea? is a resolution of almost one-year-long research and continuous work from Aura Antikainen. Could you stay for tea? is a collaboration between Antikainen and musician Luca Hettling, with dramaturgical and choreographical support of Rosalie Kubny and with the light design of Iria Arenas. 

Throughout the year 2021 starting with a mentoring program at Nuova Officina Della Danza with Sita Ostheimer to DISTANZ SOLO research funding between May to August, Antikainen has been exploring the physical effects of the changing environment (i.e. the lockdown situation) on the body and its intuitive movements. 
In August Antikainen was part of Summer of the Arts 2021 in Finland and performed the first draft of this creation process with the title Autio (eng. deserted) in Padasjoki. Could you stay for tea? is a resting point as well as a culmination for and of this process where it is now. 
Could you stay for tea? invites the audience to give space for the feeling of being lost within abundance. Premiere 24.11.2021at Kulturhaus dock4, deck1 
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