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Aura Antikainen is a freelance movement and performance artist from Finland, based in Germany, with a degree in contemporary stage dance from SOZO vim Kassel. She has been working and creating professionally in dance as a performer/dancer since 2018 choreographer, facilitator and artistic assistant.

Since 2018, she has presented her pieces as well as she has been invited to work as a dancer/performer with choreographers such as cie, Still/motion / Bettina Helmrich, Laura Heinecke & Co, Johannes Wieland, Tuija Lappalainen, Rosalie Kubny and others. Her works such as Goodbye Haze (2018), Autio (2021) and poet acts - nothing is still (2022) and solmussa in collaboration with Transversalis Production (2022) has been performed in Finland and Austria. Since 2019 Antikainen has worked in collaboration with freelance artist and lighting designer Iria Arenas and developed such works as Quite Like You (2019, graduation work), How long do I have to wait? (2020), body of land (2021), and Visitors (2021) together with Rosalie Kubny.

Receiving the dis-tanz Solo Research Grant from Dachverbandtanz Deutschland in 2021 and again in 2023, Antikainen has had the opportunity to further develop her practice and work as an independent artist. 

Since four years she has been working with the concept of performativity and the kinetic poetry of body and space, leading up to her her first full-lenght solo work Could you stay for tea? (2021) placing the question of material abundance and one's identity being lost in in the center of the stage. Antikainen approaches her work from a somatic and holistic point of view that translates as dynamic and gentle atmospheres in her work.

photos: Bernd Gurtl, Aaltonen, Hannah Elsner, Karl-Heinz Mierke 
Hertz; Autio; I am where you are,;Dog enters tram, IMAGINE A POOL

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