Aura Antikainen is a Finnish freelance artist based in Kassel with a focus on dance, performance, and choreography. Antikainen studied dance throughout her life - first in classical education finding her way through there to contemporary and choreographic work. She finished successfully her professional contemporary dance studies in Kassel, Germany.

Recently Antikainen has focused mainly on creating and developing her own research practice and performances whilst working for and in collaboration with other choreographers and artists such as Tuija Lappalainen, Iria Arenas, Maya M. Carroll, Rosalie Kubny, Sarantoula Sarantaki and Bettina Helmrich. Since 2020 Antikainen has worked for Laura Heinecke & Company.


Antikainen is interested in the complexity of one's relation to others and environment. Since 2019 Antikainen has been researching this in various ways, first from the perspective of an observer developing through facilitating and researching with others to the point that she did her first solo work "Could you stay for tea" placing the question of material abundance and one's identity being lost in in the center of the stage.

Antikainen works as a choreographer, dancer, performer and as outside support for other productions. She also guides and gives classes.

Her guiding frame into working is to create an equal, gentle, and dynamic atmosphere in order for the work to be fruitful. It is as well important for her to consider how the work can be sustainable both individually and environmentally.


photo: Hannah Elsner



photos: Bernd Gurtl, Aaltonen, Hannah Elsner, Karl-Heinz Mierke 
Hertz; Autio; I am where you are,;Dog enters tram, IMAGINE A POOL