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s o l m u s s a
solmussa is a duet dance performance looking into the politics of negotiation.

The piece asks questions about conflict, communication, appreciation, acceptance, and allowance with oneself as well as in relation to others.

German premiere: 13.5. & 14.5.2022 Kulturhaus Dock4 Kassel
Austrian premiere: 10.6. & 11.5.2022 DAS LOT Vienna

”But it does require decisions and I do not like decisions 

I’d rather wait 


You know 

For it, to come to me 

That has happened before, though might be that
Still waiting




But I am told not to wait since

There is an expiry date for everything, for everyone” 


Artistic direction: Aura Antikainen
Performance and co-creation: Christa Stöffelbauer & Deborah Manavi
Sound, light, texts: Aura Antikainen
Concept & Production: Christa Stöffelbauer & Deborah Manavi

Trailer: Victoria Koberstein

watch trailer from here:

Funded kindly by:
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Näyttökuva 2022-10-5 kello 12.07.44.png
Näyttökuva 2022-10-5 kello 12.10.37.png
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