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Autio is a solo performance project produced and performed by Aura Antikainen.

The first performance and version was part of Taiteiden kesä 2021 by Kulta ry, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR). Autio is a kinetic exploration of the bodily sensations, responsibility, and freedom brought by limitations and frames. Autio explores how embodied being and movement are affected, transformed, and oriented in relation to individual freedom and collective restrictions. How can that be manifested and translated through movement? 

Autio is part of a solo trilogy from Antikainen. In the year 2021 Antikainen was granted three different solo projects. Autio, Discussions with spaces (performed together with Rosalie Kubny), and Could you stay for tea

The Summer of Arts 2021 (Taiteiden kesä 2021) project from Kulta ry is documented as a book and will be published in 2022 where also Autio is a part. 

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